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A Brief History of MonaVie

MonaVie was founded in Utah in 2004 and it quickly took the world by storm.    The company generated billions of dollars in revenue within a few short years of its inception, and attracted an army of people who are devoted to the product.

The company’s flagship product, a blend of acai berry, fruit juices and other proprietary ingredients, quickly became available around the world.  Although the acai berry had been consumed by indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest for centuries, the fruit was not well known internationally until MonaVie found a way to bottle the product and introduce it to the rest of the world.  The acai berry has been celebrated for its antioxidant-rich properties and potential positive impacts on overall well-being.  Combined with glucosamine and other super fruits, MonaVie provided a convenient way to add these key ingredients to an individual’s daily diet.

After huge international expansion and financial success, eventually cracks in the company began to emerge.  The global economic downturn in the late 2000s had a significant impact on companies like MonaVie and the company ran into financial difficulties.  Corporate leaders stepped down and the company incurred significant amounts of debt.

In 2015, Jeunesse Global LLC, a Florida based company, acquired the assets of MonaVie.  Jeunesse added the products and distributor base to its own product profile, but Jeunesse’s time and resources were focused on its own internally developed products and MonaVie never really had a chance to flourish.

Through all the financial difficulty and ownership changes a large group of devoted consumers followed the brand and continued to demand the product.  Recognizing the potential of the brand and having a personal love for the product and its consumers, a group of passionate investors acquired the MonaVie assets from Jeunesse Global in 2023.

To this day, MonaVie continues to live on!  The same formula and high-quality product that so many people love and enjoy is still available.  MonaVie can still be found at the same web site (, using the same original logo, same original formula and the same exceptional product that has been around for so many years.